Why does the total project cost of Aviation Hangars vary so drastically ???

  • Research data supports that corporate flight departments tend to spend 30% to 50% more than fixed base operations (FBO’s) to build what is fundamentally the same hangar facility.
  • The common thread in analyzing corporate facility costs is that corporations generally employ an architect to design the facility, while FBOs most often engage an Aviation Constructor for a design/build approach to the job.
  • Site preparation is most often the biggest variable in any project.
  • Building codes are generally generic regarding hangars, and the standards for items such as the required fire suppression systems are often a matter of local interpretation.
  • FBOs which may be a part of a chain can benefit greatly by the prior experience that may have been garnered by building other similar hangars in different locations.
  • Despite the high costs that corporations incur in the construction of their hangars, if the airport allows them to have a fuel farm and realize its financial benefits, construction costs (and other real estate related costs) are eventually offset by the fuel savings.

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